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The Moroccan Tourism Authority, much like our clients, trusts us. We have been granted a license to operate. And for that reason, we have been able to receive advantages that we can extend to you. You’ll have a flawless airport experience with us.

We know the airport

In and out! You will be taken through every procedure and check-point in matters of mere moments. Your concierge will execute everything on your behalf, and you will be left with the task of figuring out what’s for dinner - we can help on that, too!

Three cities - and counting

Fast Track Agadir has been around for a long time. Long enough to start two other Fast Track companies in two different cities. We’re operating legally, flawlessly, and out of appreciation for this field of work.

Book Agadir Fast Track and Agadir airport lounge - enjoy stress-free travel

fast track Marrakech
  • Fast Track Pass
  • Airport Lounge Pass
To or from your gate, your personal agent will fast track you through the airport.

Booking Lead Time (hrs) 24 Airport Time Zone (GMT) +1

From 19.00€
fast track Marrakech
  • Fast Track Pass
  • Airport Lounge Pass
Take a shower and relax on arrival in one of our airport arrival lounges.

Booking Lead Time (hrs) 1 Airport Time Zone (GMT) +1

From 18.00€
Fast track Marrakech
  • Fast Track Pass
  • Airport Lounge Pass
Upgrade your meet and assist service to include lounge access on arrival or departure.

Booking Lead Time (hrs) 24 Airport Time Zone (GMT) +1

From 34.00€

Get that VIP feel, and journey through the airport with Fast Track Agadir.

What’s not to like about having a personal helper that will escort you through your journey – nothing.

Your Fast Track Agadir agent will be with you at all times, you will be helped with your luggage, get checked-in, and bade farewell to, which may seem unnecessary, but still hearty – just the way we do everything else.

Many get confused on how exactly Fast Track Agadir works. It’s effective, productive, and other positive adjectives, but most of all, it’s really simple.

Your Agadir Fast Track agent will be waiting for you at the curbside if you’re departing, and at your terminal’s door if you’re arriving or connecting. You will be escorted throughout the entire journey as well as helped with your baggage. Fast Track Agadir’s agent will also earn VAT refunds for you and help you out with your duty-free shopping.

Fast Track Agadir is for everyone. Whether you’re an executive who can not afford to waste time, a group of friends eager to discover, or a lone wolf up for a trip-of-a-lifetime. Every client is a guest, and every guest is a VIP. Special airline statuses aren’t required, and we ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

We’re constantly up and ready to assist you with your airport journey. Remember, no waiting in lines, no more tardiness, and definitely no more getting unnerved before your big plans.

Short on time? We’ve got you covered

You will be met, escorted, and provided with;

  • Escort to gate
  • VAT refund assistance
  • Duty-free shopping assistance
  • Baggage assistance
  • Check-in assistance
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Connect joyously

You’ll be infused with easiness. A feeling of relaxation will take over when you’re assisted with;

  • Terminal connection
  • Customs and immigration
  • Security clearance
  • Luggage
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Arrive at ease

Fast Track Agadir’s agent will be expecting you when you land. You will be set up with;

  • Ground transportation
  • Porter service
  • Lounge escort
  • Expedited procedures
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Fast track Marrakech

A hassle-free, relaxing airport journey

Enjoy your airport experience for a change

Fast and reliable

24/7 assistance; online, and in person. Book your Fast Track Agadir services online and save yourself the hassle.

Fair and reasonable pricing

You will be fairly quoted. Fast Track Agadir happens to have the best prices in the market, and you’ll surely appreciate our flexibility.

Quality services

Enjoy our services and delight in our amenities. Fast Track Agadir will change the notion of aeroplane travel for the better.

Book our services in mere moments.

Book your Fast Track Agadir services hastily, and make use of our competitive pricing.

1 Pick a service

Easy and simple.

2 Book it!

Fill a simple form and feel the ease

3 You’re set

Voila! Everything is set and ready, welcome to Fast class!

Depart at ease

Fast Track Agadir allows you to take advantage of the time. If you’re short on the latter, then you will be whisked hastily with minimal wait-time. And if you happen to have time on your hands, then you’ll surely appreciate spending the extra hours doing something fun - and not standing at lanes
  • Baggage assistance
  • Security clearance
  • Fast Track immigration
  • Fast Track customs
  • Escort to your gate
  • VAT refund assistance

Arrive feeling joyous

There’s nothing better than having a long break after a long flight. Fast Track Agadir’s concierge will make sure that you regain your energy by taking you to a lounge. You may also shop at ease, relax, and you will be whisked through all procedures in a timely manner.
  • Car rental assistance
  • Porter service
  • Baggage assistance
  • Agadir Taxi service

Connections are simple

Connecting flights do seem to make people uncomfortable, and we can’t blame them. Most people rush through the airport as stress builds up - not with us. You will be whisked through all necessary procedures, thus allowing you more time to shop, relax, or have a complimentary drink at a lounge.
  • Personal agent
  • Duty-free shopping assistant
  • Terminal transfer assistance
  • Porter service

An optimal and convenient choice for

Business passenger

Those who can’t afford to waste a minute have a special place in our hearts. And for that reason, we’ll do everything in our power - and it is a lot - to get you through quickly, with minimal wait, and feeling calm.

Group of friends or family

The whole troop will have an amazing time. Think of this as the joyous journey that precedes the actual journey. Fast Track Agadir puts the fun back in airports. You’ll certainly appreciate our know-how attitude and quality services

VIP traveller

Essentially, everyone who becomes a client of ours is a VIP. So, if you appreciate comfort, the smooth sail of journeys, and cocktails, then you’ll appreciate Fast Track Agadir.

Agadir airport lounge

A haven for everyone who feels that the airport’s dull atmosphere is getting to them. You will be escorted, helped with your luggage, and waited for in case you’ve got a flight to board. Rely on us, and have a calming airport experience.

Agadir airport lounge

Purchase Agadir Airport Lounge Access Starting at 35€

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Marrakech airport lounge