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We cater to all types of travellers. Whether you’re travelling alone, with friends, or with your family, you will definitely enjoy our tailored-to-need services. And the cherry on top, our prices are reasonable and fair. 

We offer the best prices available and a reliable team that’ll guide you through the airport.

Departures - Meet, fast track, have a safe flight!

Your concierge will meet up with you at your terminal’s entrance. You will then be escorted throughout the airport. You will be assisted with immigration and customs, security, and check-in.

Porter service

Your Fast Track Agadir agent will assist you with your luggage. Do not worry about packing heavy, you’ll be lent a strong, generous hand. If you wish, you may ask your concierge to leave your baggage at one of the airport’s wrapping stations - safe and secure.

VAT refunds

Fast Track Agadir’s agent will earn VAT refunds for you. They’re well aware of the procedures and they will be the ones executing them. When we say you’ll travel comfortably, we mean every word.


Instead of worrying about what to do, worry about what you’re having for dinner. Fast Track Agadir will determine your fastest check-in option depending on your frequent flyer status. However, those travelling for the first time will also receive quality and hasty service.

Duty-free shopping

Shopping is usually fun - except when you’re duty-free shopping. We’ve turned that around. Your duty-free shopping will be accustomed to your taste, and your budget will be taken in mind. Not only that, but your concierge will also serve as a personal helper. Get opinions, help with luggage, and a joyous companion for your time at the airport.

Customs clearance and immigration

You will be whisked through customs and immigration. Your agent will provide expedited security and customs clearance. You’ll arrive on time and joyous.

Escort to gate

Standing in long queue lines is that of the past. From now on, you’ll be walking through the airport like a VIP - which to us, you are.

Gate escort

Fast Track Agadir offers lounge access (starting from 17 euros). You will be escorted to the lounge, waited for, and whisked back again when you’re ready to board your flight.

Connections - connect with joy

You will be met at the air-bridge and assisted with your luggage. After meeting your Fast Track Agadir concierge, you will be taken through all necessary procedures in the blink of an eye. Your agent will cater to your needs and will make sure that you have a pleasurable, hassle-free experience.

Transfer Assistance

We do understand that connecting tend to unnerve people. And we have crafted a flawless Fast Track service for those connecting. You will be assisted with literally everything that’s related, and you’ll make your flight - with extra time on your hands.

Security, customs, and porter service

Expedite everything! Fast Track Agadir ensures that you will be taken through every procedure in a timely manner, as well as provide you with porter service. With us, you’ll feel like wandering through the airport, and when you do, you won’t have any luggage to weigh you down.

Lounge and gate escort

We eliminate wait-time, lines, and more importantly, we eliminate boredom. After dealing with the procedures, you will be taken to an airport lounge where you can unwind and feel at ease. Your concierge will notify you when there’s just enough time to make your flight.

Arrivals - You’ll love our hospitality

The famous Moroccan hospitable reception begins when you lay your eyes on our sign that has your name on it. Fast Track Agadir’s concierge will escort you throughout your entire airport experience. You will be assisted with baggage claim, security, transit, immigration, and be arranged with ground transport.

Customs control

Fast Track Agadir will have you taken through customs control in the blink of an eye. No waiting in lines, no hurdles, and most of all, no more luggage. Everything will go on as smooth and dandy.

Porter service

When asked, your concierge will lend you a helping hand with your luggage. Fast Track Agadir ensures a hassle-free airport experience, along with a knowledgeable staff that’ll complement your flight.

Fast Track immigration

Everything that requires a personal encounter will be avoided, especially queues. Fast Track Agadir will arrange a flawless airport experience for you. You’ll be taken through immigration hastily and your agent will always be by you.

Safe ground transportation

Our help isn’t limited to just inside the airport. Fast Track Agadir will arrange safe ground transportation for you. And depending on your taste, group size, and budget, you will be set with a modern vehicle that’ll augment your travel experience.