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First, a company does not get to be the best in business without earning a license from the Moroccan government; here’s ours; license number: 44/17. This means that we have been through various tests and assessments. And of course, by paying taxes, we earn advantages – then extend them to you.

Picture a flawless journey through the airport. That means not waiting in lines, getting through quickly, and most importantly, not carrying five kilograms through the airport. We can provide that, and even more.

Fast Track Agadir, along with its sister companies, has been founded for the sole purpose of eliminating the airport’s constant, unending bustle. And we have done that – stellarly.

The foundation of every business is its staff. Amine, the founder of Fast Track Agadir, realized that before starting any business, you have to hire skilled associates. He cherry-picked every single team member.

From the person who talks to you on the phone, to the chauffeur that’ll drive you home, you’ll have a pleasurable encounter with every single member of our team.

However, one thing should be kept in mind.

Illegal businesses have found their way into this field. Since they’re unlicensed, they’re missing out on many vital resources. These resources determine whether you can rely on your Fast Track provider or not. If three – and we’re being really generous here – out of every 5 clients face an inconvenience, it’s really a sign to stop doing what you’re doing. But, somehow, they still find their way.

Spotting illegally operated fast track services is quite simple. First, they do not offer a wide selection of payment methods. Unlike Fast Track Agadir, businesses operating illegally cannot provide the same payment methods as we do. And secondly, their prices tend to be way higher than ours and every other legally operated Fast Track service. Usually, you’d expect an illegally run business to have cheaper packages, but as it turns out, they don’t. Booking with them will result in an expensive spend and a not-so-great quality of service.

Enough about illegal businesses, more about us!

With Fast Track Agadir, you will be escorted from your car door to your terminal’s. And, if you happen to be feeling it, you might ask your Fast Track Agadir concierge to escort you to an airport lounge. You’ll surely appreciate how attentive our agents are as well as our wide array of services. We’ll be able to get you where you need to be – when you need to.

Alter your airport experience with Agadir Fast Track

Price and quality

When booking Agadir Fast Track’s services, you’ll be receiving the best of both. Our prices are competitive and fair, and our services are all-inclusive and heartwarming.

We’re the best!

We have been through various assessments and tests. The Moroccan Tourism Authority has granted a lisence that allows us to operate legally, effectively, as well as the ability to forward advantages to you.

A flawless airport experience.

You will be escorted from your car door to your terminal - or the other way around. Nothing will come in-between you and your flight. You will be whisked through every procedure, and taken through security in the blink of an eye.